by gDosAdmin

Welcome to woodfiring.net, your new online magazine about wood-fired ceramics. We want to offer you the latest information about potters’ stories, kilns, techniques and anything else that might be of interest to the woodfiring community.

In 2021 Sara González decided to create a new online magazine dedicated exclusively to wood-fired ceramics. We have extensive experience in the publication of ceramics magazines, we are editors of www.infoceramica.com and we have been collaborating for years with Revista Cerámica.

But what has led us to create woodfiring.net is our dedication to wood-fired kilns we have in our studio in Pelahustán-Toledo (Spain): an anagama and a down draft kiln, and we usually build small kilns of all kinds according to our needs. We also organise courses and have built kilns in different schools, museums and private studios.

We are aware of the importance of creating a community among potters who love fire and we strongly believe that a publication can be a good way to share experiences among potters from all over the world.

We want woodfiring.net to be made by the community, so we have created it so that you, the potters, can tell us everything you think is useful to share with other potters.

We hope you enjoy the content as much as we enjoy providing it. If you have any questions, comments or want to know how you can help, please contact us.